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temazcal dos palmas

about the temazcal

The temazcal is a primitive form of a sweat lodge and was used in Mesoamerican times after a battle or ceremonial ball game. It was also used to help women in giving birth, general healing, and purification. Most temazcal structures are constructed in the shape of a dome and are supposed to represent the uterus. Once seated inside the dome there are volcanic rocks that are heated with fire and water to create purifying steam. The particular dome that we take you to has several small windows that allow fresh air and light to enter. This is important for those who may have issues with claustrophobia. 

"The practice of inducing sweat has long been known to be beneficial in sicknesses of the skin, liver, and circulation, in problems of rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and other chronic diseases, as well as acute problems like muscular pains, colds, and congestions, and sweat baths are but of the ways used to bring about healthful sweating. The Temazcal, because of its special methods, is perhaps the most effective of this kind of curative technique, certainly, the list of conditions for which it has been used in the course of centuries is the most extensive. [Temazcalli Training Course]

Overheating of the body (during the bath, the body temperature may reach one hundred and four degrees) produces a series of reactions: it stimulates both the superficial and the deep blood circulation, accelerates the frequency of heartbeats, as well as increases their force, calls into action the mechanisms of thermal regulation, activates the metabolism, and promotes sweating. All of these effects produce a great internal movement of energy and liquids, somewhat similar to the way in which strenuous exercise does, bringing increased circulation to all the muscles, organs, and tissues. While all sweat baths produce these effects, the Temazcal, because of the way it works and the precision with which it can be regulated by the healer in charge of the bath, controls these body reactions to high heat to maximize the curative effects of the bath." resource: Dr. Horacio Rojas Alba


  • A welcome  drink of hibiscus water.

  • A visit to the Mayan house. 

  • A demonstration of tortillas of how to make tortillas by hand. 

  • Area of caracoles (sea shells). 

  • The temazcal ceremony.

  • Swim in the cenote.

  • Authentic homemade Mayan meal. (chicken pibil, rice, beans, tortillas made by hand and hibiscus water.

Hours Available

  •  9:00 am 

  •  10:00 am 

  •  11:00 am 

  •  4:00 pm

  •  5:00 pm

  •  6:00 pm

  •  7:00 pm 

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