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purification & harmony of the body & soul

Let us take you on a virtual journey and give you an idea of what we have in store for you….


As we collect you from where you are staying and head out on a beautiful Mayan backroad to the community of Tres Reyes (Three Kings) we will be telling you about Octavio, your guide, his way of life, and the upcoming activities. He is a person who is fully focused on sharing with people from all around the world and helping them find the path to their own light. 

Along the way, you will learn about the communities that we will pass across the trail, about their everyday life and the Mayan people in the present. 


We will be arriving at Wakan Chan at 9:00 am and we will be welcomed by Octavio and some friends from the community like Mr. Lucas, the Warrior of Fire, which means the person that is going to bring the hot stones into Temazcal. 


Wakan Chan means "The Tree Of Life" in Quiché Mayan from Guatemala. It is also the name of the 8-year-old project that includes Octavio's house that is a cultural center as well the Temazcalli and other activities that involve organic gardens with the neighbors and eco-tourism. 


After the Temazcal ceremony, we will have a wonderful lunch prepared by the local families and neighbors of Octavio. This is a very cool thing that five families get involved in in the making of this meal. Usually, the family prepares panuchos and salbutes, delicious corn fried tortillas with vegetables and chicken, and other specialties depending on the season. 


After lunch and relaxing, we will be going to the Cenote Esmeralda, very beautiful and it belongs too to a Mayan Community formed by a small group of 8 families.  


We can be back in Tulum around 5 or 5:30, but it depends on the group, we have the whole day to take care of you! 



Once in Wakan Chan Cultural Center, we will have the chance to chat a little bit with Octavio, we will have some Agua de Jamaica (water made from a flower), cacao seeds, and some honey. This will give us energy for the Temazcal. 


This is a special time to meditate about what is your intention, what we are bringing here and how we feel in this special year we are all living, about what takes our attention and how we spend our energy in our everyday life. The Temazcal is an amazing opportunity to step out of our routine and go to our spiritual nature, by giving thanks to Mother Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and God for our lives. 


Temazcal is the ancient tradition of Mesoamerica (Between Mexico and all Central America) that welcomes all the people of the Earth to come back to nature and to our inner being made of Peace, Truth, and Respect for each other. The practice of Temazcal is also a work we do in our bodies since the temperature is like a sauna and we will be in the darkness in a humid and comfortable place like we were in our Mother's body. 


The ceremony starts before entering the Temazcal, when we will offer three cacao seeds that symbolize our True Intention to the Fire, our Grandfather.  We will have some instruments such as drums, whistles, and shells to greet the 7 Cosmic Directions of the Mesoamerican Cosmovision. 


After that, we will be ready to enter the Temazcal and sit around a hole filled with hot volcanic stones to be set. These are known as the Abuelitas (the Grandmothers). 


The ceremony will be divided into 4 phases. Every phase is connected to a cardinal point and an element. Between one phase and the other, you will have the chance to go to the toilet if needed, the door will stay open and we will have a pause from the heat, however, remember to keep reverence and concentration on the ceremony. During the ceremony, Octavio will be guiding prayers and chants, and you all will have the opportunity to share from your heart a thought, a chant, or a moment of holy silence. 


We suggest you stay inside the Temazcal all the time to keep your intention high with your presence. If someone wants to go out, we suggest waiting until the end of one of the phases but we can open the door at any time. Keep your intention focusing on your peace and your strength listening to your breath and you will discover new aspects of yourself. 


Each Phase is called "PUERTA" (door) and this represents how they relate to the elements: 


-The North with the Wind 


-The South with the Water 


-The West with the Earth 


-The East with the Fire 


The order of the Puertas can change, but the last one is one of the Fire, which is the warmest one.  


During the ceremony, we will be guiding you into an inner experience, where you will put your energy to create your own colors, and that's where your intention will be important, so remember always to breathe and participate in the chants, even if you don't know the exact words, let it go and give you the opportunity to be reborn in this beautiful space. 


Temazcal is a form of medicine and is very good for your body. This stone Temazcal is very fresh on the floor, so you will be able to lay down if you want to relax at any time. If you want, you can even lay down for the entire ceremony. 


Temazcal means "The sweat house" in Náhuatl Language and is a very ancient tradition from the people of the whole of Mesoamerica. They have practiced it in Chichén Itzá, in Mayapán and other Mayan ancient cities but it is a special tradition from Nahua people from the center of Mexico. The Nahuas are the descendants of the Mexica or Aztecs, and they do it very often to keep in good health and it is a special ceremony also related to birth.


There is more information below the next video. 

What to Bring

-Covid face masks to enter the village to give the message to the villagers that we care for everybody's health. Also, the people working during the ceremony will wear masks, but believe us they are very happy about your visit, we all have been with no tourism for months so we are very very happy! 


-Swimming Suit & dry clothes to change into. Some groups like to come all in white, which is a very beautiful thing, so if you are thinking to do so, please bring some extra clothes to wear to go to the cenote, the distance is only 15 minutes the one from the other. 


-Comfortable shoes for walking & flip flops/sandals.



  • Please note that this service has to be booked in advance because of the necessary preparations and the availability of the space.

  • The sweat lodge is not an activity for pregnant women however they may attend all other parts of the ceremonies. 


  • Temazcal ceremony

  • Traditional food

  • Cenote Exploration

  • Professional guide

"A POWERFUL & Life-Changing Experience!"

patty & Missey experience the temazcal

More about the temazcal

The temazcal is a primitive form of a sweat lodge and was used in Mesoamerican times after a battle or ceremonial ball game. It was also used to help women in giving birth, general healing, and purification. Most temazcal structures are constructed in the shape of a dome and are supposed to represent the uterus. Once seated inside the dome there are volcanic rocks that are heated with fire and water to create purifying steam. The particular dome that we take you to has several small windows that allow fresh air and light to enter. This is important for those who may have issues with claustrophobia. 

"The practice of inducing sweat has long been known to be beneficial in sicknesses of the skin, liver, and circulation, in problems of rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and other chronic diseases, as well as acute problems like muscular pains, colds, and congestions, and sweat baths are but of the ways used to bring about healthful sweating. The Temazcal, because of its special methods, is perhaps the most effective of this kind of curative technique, certainly, the list of conditions for which it has been used in the course of centuries is the most extensive. [Temazcalli Training Course]

Overheating of the body (during the bath, the body temperature may reach one hundred and four degrees) produces a series of reactions: it stimulates both the superficial and the deep blood circulation, accelerates the frequency of heartbeats, as well as increases their force, calls into action the mechanisms of thermal regulation, activates the metabolism, and promotes sweating. All of these effects produce a great internal movement of energy and liquids, somewhat similar to the way in which strenuous exercise does, bringing increased circulation to all the muscles, organs, and tissues. While all sweat baths produce these effects, the Temazcal, because of the way it works and the precision with which it can be regulated by the healer in charge of the bath, controls these body reactions to high heat to maximize the curative effects of the bath." resource: Dr. Horacio Rojas Alba

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