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Sian Kaan Discovery

Just south of Tulum lies an incredibly rich and diverse nature reserve, an area where the underground freshwater rivers flow out to meet the Caribbean. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its ecological importance, the overlapping mix of ecosystems provides a living and breeding space for a variety of fish, mammal, bird, and reptile species, all connected to each other by enchanting waterways.

We drive as far as the Boca Paila lagoon, approximately 8km inside the biosphere, where we board a small boat to visit Boca Paila – a vital point of convergence for many animals, where we have the chance to spot the resident bird life, crocodiles, a plethora of fish & even the rare manatee. Weather permitting, we then head out a short distance on open water to snorkel on the Mesoamerican Barrier reef, where you will be delighted by the healthy corals and fish in abundance. (In case of weather that does not permit us to snorkel, we will visit a fabulous open cenote instead). This is a beautiful trip through tropical saltwater canals, mangrove islands, and flooded sink holes.

Sian Ka’an is a tropical wetland paradise – on this tour, we visit a thin strip of land bordered by empty stretches of beach, lagoons, and lush vegetation on a boat ride that takes us across diverging coastal ecosystems, through the mangrove forest and out to the coral reef.

The Tour includes:

  • 3-hour boat ride on the Lagoon

  • Tropical Wetlands with Manatees, Crocodiles, Fish, and Birdlife

  • Stunning beaches

  • Reef snorkel or cenote

  • Lunch on the beach


Price: $150.00 USD



  • Tuesdays | Thursdays or on-demand

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