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Slap Your Mama Naked Margaritas

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

What do you think of drinking when you're daydreaming yourself on a warm sandy beach in Mexico? Doesn't a margarita appear in your hand as your basking in the sun during your imaginary vacation? This recipe was given to me by a very good friend of mine named Gretchen who lives in Colorado but loves and visits Mexico habitually. It’s so easy to make this twisted version of the traditional margarita and even more fun to tell your friends what you are making them! Be sure to share this recipe with them! Cheers or in Mexico we say Salud!

If you have a great Mexican recipe and would like us to post it on our site, send us a message leave it in the comment section below!!

We would love to share it with all our travel buddies!

What you will need to make 1 pitcher:

  • 1 can frozen limeade

  • 1 bottle of Corona Beer

  • 1 can 7-Up

  • Tequila

  • Controy

  • Your favorite fruit to garnish.

How to prepare these fantastic ritas in 5 easy steps:

1. Prepare yourself for how amazing these are going to be!

2. Mix first four ingredients, the limeade mostly thawed in a pitcher.

3. Use the empty limeade can and fill with tequila.

4. Then add ¼ of the limeade can of Controy to the pitcher.

5. Mix well, serve on ice in a salt-rimmed glass, garnish and enjoy!

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