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mayan clay spa

exfoliate, detox, mineralize, hydrate & heal

Visualize a creamy golden clay being massaged into your skin and soul, a head to toe healing treatment, set in divine natural palm tree gardens! Clay has been used longer than written history to help the body heal its self by extracting toxins and providing vital minerals. 


  • Stimulates the function of the skin.

  • Detoxes & energizes the skin and internal organs.

  • Mineralizes beautifies and energizes.

  • Exfoliates and regenerates skin tissue refining wrinkles.

  • Serves as a face wash and toner.

  • Helps heal skin lesions such as mosquito bites, acne, rashes, and sunburn.

  • Absorbs impurities and acids from the skin tissue.

  • Acts as a sedative for the central nervous system when applied to the spine and nape of the neck.

  • Balances the electromagnetic energy field of the body when applied as a complete body mask.

  • Fantastic hair conditioning treatment.

60 minute treatment - $115 usd

A full body oil massage combined with a reenergizing Mayan clay facial mask.

Leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

90 minute treatment - $150 usd

A full body head to toe clay massage with a specialized Mayan clay face & hair treatment. A hot shower concludes this wonderful therapy & we offer you delicious natural oils to apply.

2 hour treatment - $190 usd

Begins with a full body Mayan clay massage, including a specialized face and hair treatment with our Mayan clay & honey combo, a warm shower prepares you for a full body natural oil application and soothing back massage.

3 hour bath house - $185 usd

with massage - $270 usd

This profound treatment begins with full-body sea salt, rosemary & oil exfoliation. Mayan clay is massaged into your face, neck and shoulders to reenergize your skin.

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