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Our passion is to provide you with an Authentic & Wellness Trip of a lifetime! We are a team with a passion for Travel, Health & Wellness. We take the time to know you and understand your needs. We take charge of the planning process for you, from beginning to the end, whether it’s the airport transportation, accommodations, and/or our unique excursions & experiences. Our purpose is to create a unique experience for you to return home rejuvenated, inspired, and with a sense of purpose.

We pride ourselves on Authentic Wellness Vacations,  “Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul“

We understand the need to explore our world in a different way, allowing us a deep connection to our planet, others, and ourselves. We do this by Cultural Immersions, Spiritual Life-Changing Experiences.


We partner with the very BEST local tour operators to customize private, small groups. Each trip offers a journey off the beaten path supporting the local people and the people of the indigenous communities who practice sustainable living and provide our travelers with real, hands-on experiences in an intimate setting. Come enjoy the local flavor and experiences with like-minded travelers!

Our Experiences

What would you like to Experience?

Something for the MIND?

Immerse yourself in a cultural experience that will enhance your knowledge of
the area and flood your mind with a great appreciation of the beauty of Mexico. 
Mayan Inland - Coba



This is the perfect option if you want to experience culture and adventure! We take you to the ruins of Coba where we bike around the jungle, visit a spider monkey sanctuary, canoe across a lagoon and zip line over it, swim in a cenote, and more!!



Selected as one of the New Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza is one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in the Americas and a “must-see” for those interested in history and culture. We then take you to visit Valladolid and swim in a cenote.

Muyil Ruins



We will take a stroll through the jungle viewing picturesque temples that stand undisturbed among the trees then along a hidden trail that leads to Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve where we take a boat ride through the winding channels.

Something for the BODY?

Get out and get active! We will take you to some of the most beautiful places that exist on the planet and get your endorphins flowing at the same time! 
Cenote Bike Tour



Discover the variety of caverns, underground rivers, and open sinkholes that fill the Mayan forest around Tulum. Considered by the ancients as portals into the underworld, the cenotes are one of the major attractions of the region.



This is an insider's view of Tulum, led by experienced and dedicated guides who share their love of nature, history, and fun with you. We arrive early to the ruins before the crowds, bike around town, and then visit some of the local cenotes. 

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This is a half-day tour that combines snorkeling on the Mesoamerican barrier reef with an awesome private cenote and cave exploration. First, we visit the ocean to snorkel with the vast array of Caribbean fish, turtles, and stingrays. 




In the Mayan language, Sian Ka’an means “born from the sky” and to spend time in this nature reserve indeed feels like a gift from heaven.


With endless stretches of pristine wetlands that overlap with isolated bays and inlets, coral reef, and mangrove forests, this protected area is a feast for the senses and one of the most important coastal nesting grounds in the Caribbean.



This is a magical tour that takes you into the forests, cenotes, and cornfields of the Mayan villages of Yucatan. You will meet authentic sustainable communities that have been living off the land for generations, growing their own food, and using the natural resources of the jungle to build their homes. The jungle is full of life and the sounds of nature lead you into the heart of this vibrant ecosystem.

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Discover the fascinating history of the Maya in Tulum, a spectacular ancient city overlooking the Caribbean Sea, then head into the nearby tropical jungle to explore cenotes, lagoons, zip lines and the native culture.

This experience is a half-day packed with adventure, fun, culture, and a little history, all within a short distance and including a delicious traditional Mayan meal before we head home.

Something for the SOUL?

Heal the soul first; the mind and body will follow.  - Zhi Gang Sha



Visualize a creamy golden clay being massaged into your skin and soul, a head to toe healing treatment, set in divine natural palm tree gardens! There are so many benefits to this natural treatment! Perfect for a girl's getaway or bachelorette party! 

Temazcal Tres Reyes


Temazcal is the ancient tradition of Mesoamerica (Between Mexico and all Central America) that welcomes all the people of the Earth to come back to nature and to our inner being made of Peace, Truth, and Respect for each other. 


The silent realm of cenotes provides us with a unique space to retreat from the constant stimulus of everyday life, where one can integrate into the stillness and calm of an unseen world that nurtures the one we live in. 

Something for the MIND, BODY, & SOUL?

This is an experience that will fulfill all the cravings of the Mind, Body, and Soul!
Travel the Maya Route
Travel the Maya Route



Travel the Maya Route
Travel the Maya Route


Travel the Mayan Route

Traveling the Mayan Route is a 1 to 3-day experience that you work with us to customize for you depending on what you are looking for! There are several communities that we visit, all near to each other, depending on the activity that you want to participate in.

You will walk through the jungle observing different species of birds, see the spider monkeys jumping through the trees, experience a Mayan ceremony, zip-line across the most tranquil lake, swim in a cenote, and breathe in nature. In the communities, you will discover and learn hands-on, the Ancient Mayan culture, real sustainable living!

Pure Paradise Travel is passionate about bringing visitors into the heart and soul of the real Mexico by taking you deep into the land of the Maya, past, and present. Since 2007 Pure Paradise Travel has been a partner and has worked closely with the non-profit organization Dreams for Mayan Children. This organization for Mayan children empowers children to create lasting change in their own lives and communities.

Private VIP Yacht & Catamaran Experience

There might not be a better way to nourish your mind, body, AND soul than taking a soft cruise on the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea as we pamper you like royalty! Charge your batteries as you lay out on the sun deck and soak up the warm sun. As we cruise to the best snorkel spots in the Riviera Maya you can drop in a line and do some fishing. If you catch something the staff will prepare it fresh for you on board. Our crew is always ready to serve you fresh fruit, chips and fresh guacamole, along with something from your unlimited open bar! Check out everything that this Experience has to offer! Treat  your couple, friends and/or family to one of the best days of vacation in the Riviera Maya of Mexico, we can even provide you with your very own masseuse!

44' Lagoon Dralion Catamaran
44' Lagoon Dralion Catamaran

44' Lagoon Dralion Catamaran
44' Lagoon Dralion Catamaran


44' Lagoon Dralion Catamaran
44' Lagoon Dralion Catamaran


Paradise Hotel Collection

Akumal Bay
Akumal Bay


Villa Vidorra
Villa Vidorra

Akumal Bay
Akumal Bay

Villa Ganesh Ocean View
Villa Ganesh Ocean View

Villa Ganesh Ocean View
Villa Ganesh Ocean View

Kanan Tulum
Kanan Tulum

Villa Ganesh Ocean View
Villa Ganesh Ocean View


We would love to welcome you to our little corner of Paradise! Whether you would like to stay in Akumal or Tulum, we have the perfect place to rest and recharge! You will find that some properties don't have a price... That's because we are offering exclusive rates for our guests depending on the season! If you find a property you like, contact us with the dates that you would like to stay, and we will prepare a special quote JUST FOR YOU! 

Laguna Chabela Family
Nourish your MIND with Cultural Immersion & Responsible Tourism

Over the years we have made strong connections with many wonderful families in local indigenous communities and they have opened their hearts and homes to us. We feel fortunate to have developed such warm friendships throughout the years. We have learned first-hand all their beautiful traditions, and they provide our travelers with real hands-on experiences in an intimate setting. We have always been very passionate about responsible tourism, as long as you support local people, respect their culture and environment you’re being responsible. It’s that easy and anyone who cares for a better place to live can do it!

We believe that travel and tourism can protect the world’s natural and cultural riches as well as create economic opportunities for many indigenous communities. We call it “Empowering Communities”.  Travel enriches our lives, broadens our horizons, and mindful thinking. It also has the power to support and improve their quality of life. The communities we visit have developed wonderful projects worth experiencing. We’re dedicated to minimizing the negative impacts of tourism and maximizing its positive benefits for the people, culture, nature, and wildlife.

Nourish your BODY with Farm to Table Meals & Physical Activities

Under the jungle canopy is where you will find our Farm to Table delicious Mayan dishes prepared by our wonderful local family from Nuevo Durango. Their amazing project gives you a hands-on learning experience in their kitchen along with their farm. Learn organic and sustainable practices along with their Mayan techniques that have been practiced for generations. You’ll be able to walk around their farm and choose the vegetables that will be cooked for your meal. Nearly 100% of our experiences that we offer include authentic Mayan cuisine and we believe to feel good you need to eat well! 

With our experiences, you will have the chance to move your body and we all know that exercise has numerous overall benefits. You can bike through the Mayan backroads, swim in enchanting natural pools known as cenotes, kayak across breathtaking lagoons, hike through the jungle to experience wildlife in the purest form and/or enjoy a body purification treatment in the Mayan Clay Spa! One of the best experiences is an ancient ritual known as a Temazcal (Mayan seat lodge) where your mind, body, and soul are cleansed.

Social Awareness.png
Nourish your SOUL by combining Travel with Social Good

We also are happy to work alongside ​Dreams for Mayan Children, a non-profit organization for Mayan children that empowers children to create lasting change in their own lives and communities. We work alongside indigenous communities offering educational and music programs, infrastructure improvements in rural schools along sustainable learning experiences leaving a powerful impact on their futures!

If you would like to see a different side of Mexico, the genuine heart of the country, come with us! Visiting and helping out gives you a real sense of satisfaction and purpose to your travels! When you visit the community you have the opportunity to give in so many ways whether it be taking part in an infrastructure improvement, participating in one of the music classes, teaching something of your own expertise in the classroom, the options are endless. Not only do you take home part of the magic of the community but you get to leave a little part of you with them that will last a lifetime.


For more info visit the official Dreams for Mayan Children website!

Image by Kristen Alyce
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