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Holbox Experiences

Though Holbox Island is small in size it doesn't lack in natural beauty and fun activities. We've listed here our top 4 things you should experience during your stay there! If there is something else you would like to do, but don't see it here, let us know, and we will provide you with the info. Since, Holbox Island is known as part of the nature reserve of Yum Balam this is the perfect place to experience wildlife in its most natural environment. 


Whale Shark Tour
June 1st - September 15th
Starting at $3,950 MXN

Tour includes: Sodas, water, sandwiches, fish ceviche, & snorkel equipment. 
We will also have a chance to see other kinds of marine species as dolphins, stingrays such as manta Diablo, Turtles, as well as different kinds of seabirds, this is once we enter the area of mangroves.

Snorkel & Fishing Tour
6-hour tour
Starting at $1,950 MXN

Tour includes: Water & soft drinks, ceviche, fishing lines, Snorkel at Cabo Catoche.
Cabo catoche is 15 miles from the island of Holbox, on this tour you can perform various activities such as bottom fishing, snorkeling, bird watching, walk on the beach and mangroves.


Mini/Master/Eco Fishing Tours
4, 5, or 7-hour tours
Starting at $310 USD private boat 4 people

Tour includes: Fishing lines, Bait, water, sodas, ceviche with the day's catch.
We have 3 different fishing tours to offer you! Let us know if you are interested and we will provide you with more details.
Our guides are experienced fishermen and captains born in Holbox and knowledgeable of different types of fishing.

Kayaking & Bird Watching Tour
3-hour tour
Starting at $1,500 MXN

Tour includes: Guide, Kayak, life jackets.
A truly fun and relaxing activity is to simply admire the natural beauty offered by Holbox Island, explore the mangroves aboard a kayak. You can also see a variety of birds in their natural environment since Holbox Island is known as part of the nature reserve of Yum Balam.

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