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Cenote Scuba Diving

The Yucatan peninsula is probably the best well-known place in the world for cave and cavern diving. These caves are called Cenotes which is the Spanish form of the Maya word d’zonot. If you are visiting us, this is your opportunity to experience a completely different and unique way of exploration. These water-filled caves attract divers from all over the world.

The Cenotes (caverns) are the access to a huge network of underground freshwater rivers; Mother Nature's veins keep ancient secrets and provide testimony of past cultures and extinct animals.


These underground rivers are considered top-class caverns and cave diving, and the Riviera Maya is the home of a fine cave diving community. Some of its members are world-class divers and instructors. If you are a certified open water diver with a recent dive you are welcome to join a 40-minute orientation on the procedures you need to experience a cavern dive. Training for overhead environment diving is available, enroll in a Cavern Course with one of our instructors. The introduction to overhead environment diving procedures including underwater communication with flashlights, team diving protocols, emergency procedures, buoyancy control, and gas consumption rules.


  • Minimum certification for regular dives: Open Water Diver

  • Certification to dive Angelita or The Pit: Deep Diver Specialty or Advanced Open Water with more than 30 logged dives.

  • Proof of at least one open water dive within the past 30 days.

  • Before participating in a guided cenote dive, do at least one shallow open water dive prior to a cenote dive. This gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the equipment and to work on your buoyancy control.

Dive Prices - Equipment rental is separate*
The price of the cenote dives includes an 80 cubic ft aluminum tank, weight belt/weights, locker, and hot shower. We offer tanks with Din & Yoke valve system (100 cu. ft. / 80 cu. ft. / 50 cu. ft.)

Cenote entrance fees may vary as cenotes are privately owned.

Cenote entrance shown may be subject to change without notice / Taxes not included.

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