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BoaBoa Bacalar

9 cabins were built in a privileged place, on the banks of the most beautiful lagoon in Mexico
with a concept that integrates art and function. 
Each cabin is different, and the way to get there, too. We conserve all the trees on the land, we build from that and from the geographical characteristics of the place. We devised a project that makes you experience that increases your senses and has everything you need to be comfortable.

We respect the lagoon and all the natural diversity that inhabits these lands.

We continue working day by day to make this place something different and meaningful.

Gardens, a bonfire area, hammocks, and the two docks for access to the lagoon are shared among all BoaBoa guests.

The Rooms



Enjoy a unique natural environment and the comfort you are looking for with details and elements that will make you feel at ease.

In TUCÁN you will have an experience that mixes the jungle with elegance, with Mexican designer furniture and contemporary art on the walls.

We have everything ready to make your stay unforgettable!



In Iguana, you will literally dream between two Javin trees, since we create the entire interior of the cabin based on the trees that structure it.

It has details that will make you feel super comfortable and disconnected, ideal to fully enjoy your stay!



To offer you a super special stay, VENADO we love it for its large terrace and exquisite bathroom!

It has large windows to the lagoon to see the sunrise from your bed, and a unique interior design, all thinking that you enjoy your stay with us to the fullest.



JAGUAR is the queen of our cabins; It is built on the second floor of a 47 m2 palapa, it has large windows that look out onto the lagoon and it has a king-size bed. It has a large terrace and the bathroom is super bright and has details that you will love.

At JAGUAR we invite you to sleep in the lagoon since from your bed you can feel the sound of the water!



Let yourself be surprised by the hummingbird tenderness, a cabin that invites you to play and take refuge near the lagoon.

Colibrí is the smallest of the BoaBoa family and was created to make you feel scorched by the tropical essence. Constructed of materials that respect and make you feel protected, we invite you to curl up and marvel at the beauty of the lagoon.



In Halcón, you will have a privileged view of the lagoon, surprising sunrises, and sunsets. 

It is built on the second floor and has a terrace with an open view, large windows, and a sober and elegant interior design, which mixes native woods, cement coatings, and pieces of contemporary art.



Faisán is a cabin that was designed with the concept of the forest, being inside it will make you feel in a refuge with a cozy atmosphere and large windows with beautiful views of the lagoon and the jungle.

From your bed you can see the sunrise and feel super comfortable, it has a desk in case you need to work. It is built on the second floor and has an enviable terrace with open views of the lagoon.



Meet Tapir, a cabin with a romantic and cozy atmosphere,  where plants are part of the decorative objects that surround the guest and give life to the space.

With a sweet and youthful character, Tapir is built on the ground floor, and from your window, you can enjoy beautiful sunrises in front of the Lagoon.



We present Manatí, a design cabin with character, spaciousness, and with a large armchair to rest.

Its entire distribution was created based on the views of the lagoon, so that you can fully enjoy your stay, with a relaxed atmosphere and all the amenities that we offer in our cabins. It is built on the ground floor and has a deck overlooking the lagoon.

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